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Little Miss Psychopath
words for you
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 • 3:54 PM • 1 comments

a little something that you should know  

#confession 1 : if i keep myself silence when you said something , it means that your words have hurt me

#confession 2 : when i look into your eyes , i can see the truth . so don't you dare tell me a lie

#confession 3 : if i ever ask u you to go away , it means that i really need you at the time

#confession 4 : when im mad at you , it's not that i hate you , but i care for you

#confession 4 : please lend me your ears when im talking . because my words is priceless

#confession 5 : if i walk away without looking at your face , it means i had gave up on you

#confession 6 : when i text you it means im missing you . when im not , it means im waiting you to miss me

#confession 7 : you will find it's easy for me to forgive . but it not that easy to forget

#confession 8 : if you trying to say "im sorry" again , you make me fell annoyed unless you really mean it

#confession 9 : sometimes i enjoy a few moment without having you by my side . but , you always close to          my heart . and i do wish that you always be there for me .

#confession 10 : i need someone who wont gave up on me no matter how hard im trying to push them away 

# last confession : my heart stops to beat when im losing you

Little Miss Psychopath'™

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